Company Profile

Baid Agro Products Pvt. Ltd. aspires of achieving long term business relationship with its foreign customers based on strong corporate ethic. The company has come a long way to establish itself as one of the leading exporters of oil seeds and edible oil from India.

Every step right from the selection of raw materials to the dispatch of final products is closely monitored and documented. We rigorously maintain a hygienic environment during the production process. Special attention is given for the cleanliness and checking of each equipment so that the efficiency and production of machineries do not reduce. Only after the final check by the quality assurance personnel, the finished stock is forwarded for packaging. Any non-conforming product at any stage is promptly marked and segregated for further action.

Since its inception the company has experienced a healthy growth over the years. In order to cater to the ever growing demand of sesame oil from the local as well as International market we have reached a production capacity of 20000 MTS annually. Our core competence is to facilitate supply of best quality material against specification at the most competitive pricing.

The company exports its products to many countries. The company's ability to meet all customer requirements expeditiously and at very competitive prices, has been its major strength and has helped it to gain loyal and growing customer base in international market.

As a customized firm, we constantly explore opportunities to enhance and improve productivity in industries through supply of unparalleled level of quality and cost effective products with only one objective - your complete satisfaction.

Our company though based in Kolkata has global ambitions, we are constantly researching the markets all around the world so as to analyze the present market trends and introduce newer varieties of products to our customers.

The Company believes in transparency, professionalism and accountability, which are the basic principles of Corporate Governance and would continuously endeavor to improve these aspects. Our policy ever since has been "Quality, Service, and Consistency".